The structure and operation mechanism and operation of the HUC SSU:

Legal clinic of SSU was created as a base for practical learning and training practice of students of senior courses of the specialty “Jurisprudence”, integrated in the educational process and carries out work on the basis of current legislation of Ukraine, Charter of the SSU and the position of UK SSU.

UK the College is a unique structural unit of the University, in which senior students, providing free legal assistance to low-income segments of the population, the feasibility of a further stage of training to acquire in exchange No less than a priceless gift – the practical skills of the professional lawyer.

The structure of the UK SSU and its organizational model:

The Dean of the faculty of => the head of the Department of law => the head of the legal clinic =>

teachers-curators => coordinator of student => student-consultants, students.

The number of persons employed UK SSU:
  • teachers – 8
  • the students-consultants – 11
  • students – 8
  • other specialists – 3
Description of external and internal communications and organizational structure:

Cooperation with governmental and non-governmental bodies and organizations; cooperation with public organizations; cooperation with other legal clinics of the universities.